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When was the last time you spent some time in nature?

Well, I did that this weekend at my parents house and boy was it so great! It truly was restoring, it was relaxing, and it gave me time to focus on slowing down from the hustle and bustle. What exactly did I do? Take a look at this pic to get a glimpse.

I soaked in the fresh air even though it had a cool brisk feel. I walked around just admiring the beauty of the trees. I rested ever so cozily in the multi-colored hammock suspended in the screen lined gazebo. I gazed at the blue pool with sounds of fountain water droplets as they teased the surface of the water in the pool with each falling drop. It was such a gentle and soft nurturing sound that each falling drop made as it met the water. I felt the gentle breeze blow by me as I lay there.

It was time just for me in the hammock. I lay there for a while with my arms folded gently over my chest and my fingers softly intertwined together. And as I lay there in a red robe, Christmas pajamas and a blanket that I was snuggled tightly in, I smiled so big. Why???? Because it felt so good to be alone and have that time to bask in all the beauty of nature.

It's funny because I realize how much some people hate nature and the bugs and the uncertainty of what you may encounter outside. And I say that laughing because I used to be the same way in my teenage years. I did not like to sweat and I definitely did not like just sitting in nature as a teenager. But boy with life and stuff that has happened…I cannot wait to get outdoors whether its at the beach, sitting at a park, sitting outdoors underneath a tree, hiking, or anything outdoorsy. I just like to bask in the sun, feel a gentle drizzle of rain, or feel the wind blowing by me. I just enjoy looking at the beauty of nature and all that God has created. It makes me so happy to sit amongst it all outdoors.

During these times, I've always taken the time to view the beauty and at the same time use it to sink deep into my thoughts. Time to ponder on things that are going well, things that could go better, things that I would like to improve on, and/or things that I want to do more of that I enjoy. I also use it as a time to pray and time to reflect on the things that I'm grateful for in my life.

I also use the time to dream on the things I desire most. I take the time to journal or write down my most precious thoughts. I always smile to myself as I really enjoy everything about the outdoors. I especially get lost in my thoughts sometimes of all that I've been through and I can feel the joy on the inside of myself because of the triumph over so many tough times in my life.

Nature is definitely my place and it has been ever since college I believe. Since college, I have always found my happy place in nature, whether that was doing yoga class outdoors underneath the trees at University of Florida, sitting at the beach journaling or just doing a picnic with myself outdoors. Nature has always been that place for me to re-center, restore, catch up on my thoughts, and it has always been my ultimate peaceful place.

Where's your happy place? Where's that place for you that has you smiling to yourself when no one else is around? Where is that place that restores, centers and grounds you? When you think about your life, what brings you the greatest joy? What makes you smile really big when you think about it? What is it that you love the most about where you are today? What can you still improve on personally for yourself? What are your dreams? What do you daydream about? What do you want to do more of?

We all have thoughts, dreams and things we want to do better. I challenge you if your not already doing it…find that happy place, find that place that when you're by yourself it brings you the most peace. Spend a little time there if you can. You might be surprised to find out how much you smile silently to yourself when your there.

I did it this weekend and it was soooooo nice. Will you do it with me every once in a while? You deserve to smile really big on a regular basis. Its important. You are important. Let's do it. If I can do it, so can you.

If you already have your happy place, help someone else get there. Let’s build bridges of wisdom through shared life experiences.

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