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Bridge Over River


Our resources section is dedicated to bringing helpful information in time of need. The list of organizations below are wonderful resources for personal use or for a friend/family member that might need additional services.

Dress for Success

Clara White Mission

Help Now

Domestic violence Help 

(Emotional/Physical/Verbal Abuse/24 Hour Crisis Hotline at (407)847-8562 or text (321)306-0677

Hubbard House

Domestic Violence Help

(Emotional/Physical/Verbal Abuse)/24 Hour Crisis Hotline (904)354-3114 or text (904)354-3114

Celebration Church

First Baptist Orlando

​Psychology Today

(Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists, Therapists/Counselors, Life Coaches)

The Recovery Village

(Drug & Alcohol Rehab/Eating Disorders/Mental Health Treatment/Wellness Programs)

Health Care Services for Kids in Florida

Feel free to choose any resources that you might find helpful!

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