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Diverse group of women talking and laugh

Purpose, Mission & Vision


To build bridges of wisdom through shared life experiences for diverse women of all ages. 

Mission:  ​

To equip and empower women to recognize their internal and external beauty, maximize and balance life’s responsibilities, unlock their true purpose and calling, encourage daily individual growth, and create supportive village networks within their local communities.

Vision: ​

Connecting women to a mutual exchange of life experiences while discovering and utilizing shared tools of empowerment.

Through Ladies Connected, many homes, workplaces, and communities are gaining a lasting legacy of stability, support, love, and freedom one nation at a time.  Ladies Connected (LC) is committed to positively impacting poverty stricken societal influences and mindsets by creating supportive village networks within local communities by way of grassroots movements.  

About Us: About

Board of Directors

About Us: Team Members

Allison Lyle, President and Founder

Program Director, Ladies Connected, Inc.

Allison is the President and Founder of Ladies Connected, Inc.  Currently, Allison serves as the Program Director where she brings her heart for connecting with women and her wealth of life coaching experience to Ladies Connected.  Allison is a Certified Master Coach (CMC) and Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF).  She is compassionate about Ladies Connected and all it offers for the empowerment, development, and growth of women through the Ladies Connected platform. Allison truly believes that it is important to have a strong sense of community with other positive women leaders built on a solid foundation of encouragement, wisdom, love, and support for all of life's ups and downs. 

Board of Directors

Janaya Caldwell, Secretary

Technology & Pricing Analyst, Delta Faucet Company

Janaya currently works at Delta Faucet Company as a Technology & Pricing Analyst. In this role, she performs analysis and provides support for financial software applications. She works with various customers and departments to help provide correct data and quality system solutions that will enhance the customers' experience. Janaya is a true asset to Ladies Connected because she has a heart for encouraging others to achieve their goals and aspirations. 

Meet Allison

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."
Philippians 4:13

About Us: Team Members


     Allison has a passion for the mission of Ladies Connected, Inc. and constantly ponders on the various ways that Ladies Connected can reach all people in our nation and abroad. She has a huge vision for what God has called her to do and she works daily at devoting her life to living God’s purposes.  Her life purpose is to have freedom in empowering and uplifting others to discover their

internal gifts. 

     Ultimately, Ladies Connected was developed when Allison was at a low point in her life and she did not think she had the strength to create, but God gave her the vision and resources to push out what she had inside of herself.  She really had to go within to figure out all of the lessons that God would teach her through her struggles.

     Allison’s struggles have been the catalyst for digging deep within herself to begin her path to self-discovery. She has questioned everything about herself, from her looks, to her confidence, to her self-worth, to how she has valued her friendships, relationships, family, co-workers, and even her interactions with strangers. 

     The situations in her life have forced her to look at life from all angles, from growing up, to the hard decisions she’s had to make, to her successes, and even the failures she’s made. She realized through all of the questions she has asked herself over time that she must lean and depend upon God rather than herself. 

     Moreover, Allison’s goals through Ladies Connected are to show others how to dig deep and be persistent, to share their personal gifts and treasures, to live out their dreams, and to have joy at the same time. It can be done because Allison has proven through her life story that she can be a voice of triumph, hope, and an overcomer of unbeatable odds set against her.  

     Additionally, Allison's experiences have proven to be instrumental in raising her awareness of the limitless potential available for anyone that has a vision. This strong belief in the power of personal and professional excellence gave rise to the birth of her company, Vision Global Enterprises. As the Founder of Vision Global Enterprises, she provides consulting and coaching services, as well as group seminar opportunities for corporate or private organizations. Through Vision Global Enterprises, she also enjoys personal coaching that facilitates individual growth for greater internal freedom and personal abundance. 

    Allison believes it is so important to live out her dreams everyday, which inspired her to write her first book to help others walk towards their dreams too. Allison is the author of "Make Your Life Match Your Vision" that can inspire many to reach their desired goals necessary to maximize their potential in all areas. Allison's life mission focuses on encouraging others to pursue their vision and purpose with vigor. 

      Each day Allison is committed to becoming a better person than she was the day before. She is dedicated to raising her beautiful 12 year old daughter and balancing her other obligations too. She has a deep relationship with God, as well as a strong family and friend support that helps keep her encouraged through all of life’s triumphs and challenges. Ladies Connected is definitely one of God’s ministries that will step-by-step impact the world.


What They’re Saying

Ladies Connected values feedback from its participants. Read below to see reviews from other women that have participated in
Ladies Connected events over the years.

"I must say that I am truly grateful for this group. It is very uplifting especially when I've had a rough week. The ladies are very open and honest about their struggles/situations and give some great advice on issues that I may have or didn't realize I had. One of the many benefits I've gotten from the group was the idea of journaling. I hadn't kept a journal since high school and during one of the calls, one of the ladies mentioned that when she wrote down her concerns, it was easier to communicate when she was ready to confront the situation. Also, the group challenges you to look deep within yourself, unlock your passions and goals, and then develop a strategy to help you accomplish those goals. I can't wait until the next call and I look forward to the opportunity where I can meet some of these ladies face-to-face to tell them how inspiring they are to me."

Tasha G.

Image by Chang Duong


"We praise God for your generosity and heart of worship. May God be
glorified as we give."

Ladies Connected relies on the generosity of people like you who are committed to empowering women to achieve excellence in all they do. Give your gift of love and help women all over the globe by your efforts.

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