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When was the last time that you spent time in great conversation, in-person, with a friend?

I did just a couple days ago. It may seem so trivial or such a run of the mill thing, but in-person time is so important. There’s one thing to have a conversation over the phone, but there’s nothing like being in-person if your able.

Let me say talking over the phone or even doing FaceTime can be beautiful too, but there’s nothing that can replace in-person interaction. Obviously, there’s a time and a place for talking on the phone, Face-timing, and physical face-to-face time, and truly they all have their importance at various times.

What happens in-person that makes it so powerful? Well it’s the non-verbal communication that can carry alot of meaning. The raised eyebrow, the fidgeting that person might be doing when their uncomfortable, and the inability to hide what they may be thinking by their facial expressions because you can see them even if they don’t share what’s going on.

Face-to-face can really show how big a person may be smiling, how excited they may be, and how much enthusiasm they may have over a particular situation. Face-to-face makes it hard to mask what’s truly happening good or bad.

My in-person time this week with my friend was such a great time. Why? Because it was time well spent with a super genuine, kind, down-to-earth and generous person. That by itself just shows how spending time in the presence of a person like this was first of all heart warming, encouraging, enlightening, and it put me in a place of admiration. We connected on so many things, but most of all we connected on how much we care. We connected also in that we both have had ups and downs in life, but at the center was a person with an incredible heart and that was my friend.

Spending time with my friends face-to-face is such a wonderful time for me always. Anybody who knows me knows that I love to talk, laugh, be silly and overall just have a good time. That in-person time just reminds me of the spirit and connectedness we have as humans. We can connect on the smallest, the most trivial, the greatest of times, the saddest of times, and really through so many life moments.

What is it that you enjoy most about spending time with your friends? When is the last time you were able to have some real in-person face-time with your friend(s)? Why do you enjoy that time so much with your friend when you have the chance? When is the next time you will have some real time to connect with your friend(s)?

I had a wonderful time with my friend. We laughed and we talked about important things. We talked about small things happening in our life and we talked about fun things coming up in our lives. We talked about work, our kids and our goals too.

We both shared some of our secrets to help each other in things that would make it easier in our day to day lives. We encouraged each other without even knowing it and we left with a greater pep in our step because we knew at the end of the day we were there for each other. We knew that we only had the best intentions and we hoped the best for each other as we live our lives.

Such a great time with my friend! So glad we connected. We were really able to build bridges of wisdom through shared life experiences, which happens every time I spend time with my friends.

Which friend(s) do you feel comfortable spending some face-to-face time with? It’s so important that we all have time to steal moments with our friends face-to-face every now and then. I know we are all busy, but will you take the time for you and a friend to connect within all the hustle and bustle?? It’s worth it to share, to laugh, to encourage, to listen, and to just be there.

You are an amazing person. You deserve some time in-person and so does your friend. Enjoy some friend time. If I can do it, so can you!

If you already do this regularly, this is great! Now reach out and bring another person along in your friend circle.

We all deserve to have someone there along the way as we do life. None of us should do it alone if we don’t have to. Let’s do it together!

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