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Tennis 101--How do you know when you need to start from the beginning?

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

So, I took a novice cardio tennis class today and it was my first time in a class since Tennis 101 in undergrad in college. And boy did it show me just how low my skill level was lol. I honestly did not have any of the strokes down and although I managed to hit quite a few balls, the strokes and how I did it remain surprising to me. The tennis coach I think felt bad for me and tried to give me a few pointers on how to do the strokes correctly on our water breaks lol.

So, let me give you some perspective: all of the rest of the players had way more experience than I did. And I still had to somehow do this class and hit these balls. And the class required continuously hitting balls forward and backhand strokes for an hour (3- 20 min bursts). I was so afraid to hit back hand because it's tough to do for me at least with my skill level, but I had to do it or choose to sit it out completely. I really only had two choices to play or not to play.

So, I definitely challenged myself today and decided to play. It kicked my butt for sure I'm just gonna be honest with you, but I did it! Do I need to take a Tennis 101 class? Yes and I signed myself up tonight to do just that. I think the cardio class will be my challenge and will up my game quicker and the Tennis 101 will help me on my skill level. I had a lot of fear tonight really starting the cardio class because I knew I did not know much at all and I wondered if I could keep up.

I will say I struggled to keep up from an endurance stand point, I could really tell how out of shape I was. But, I hung in there and hit as many balls as I could and believe it or not I hit most balls tonight. I surprised myself and I hit the whole time; I didn't have to sit it out any either due to my endurance. I seriously pushed myself the whole time and I did it!

I am proud of myself for starting from the beginning with Day 1. I admit it wasn't easy to start from the beginning and it had some real challenging moments in class tonight. I had to really push through in a way that was entirely necessary for challenging myself, but it was at the same time rough around the edges.

Do you have anything in your life that you really need to start from the beginning on with a hobby that you want to do, but have gotten away from? Do you have one of your dreams that you need to start from scratch on before going after it fully? What is it for you that you want more perspective on and would do better if you started from ground zero? What is it that you really need to be honest and get real with yourself about?

I have to admit that starting this adventure in tennis was filled with fear, but I overcame my fears today and it was worth it. It was worth it because I got a super, great workout today for cardio tennis and I learned a few things about my strokes on how to improve. I was able to work out all that stress and I was able to push through moments when I wanted to quit that were really tough.

I even had to push through those balls that I missed that were super close to me that I should have hit, but missed because I took my eye off the ball. I had to admit that too. I had to admit that I was at the bottom in terms of skill in this cardio class and I would have to work hard to even stay up with my classmates. Even more so, honesty became my best friend tonight when I realized I needed to start from the beginning and go back to the basics with Tennis 101.

Can you do that? Can you be honest? Can you admit the truth behind your reason for not going after your dreams? Will you go after whatever it is for you that means something in your life whether its a hobby, dream, goal, etc. regardless even if you have to start from the beginning like I did for tennis tonight.

If I can do it, so can you! In the words of Nike, Just Do IT, its worth it! I realized tonight th

ere were way more benefits for me to do this class than not.

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