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What fuels your motivation to keep going when things get tough?

Updated: Jan 26

I would say that really doing things that I enjoy helps fuel me. Doing those things that make me smile and incorporating them into my life somehow. For me that includes rollerblading, most outdoor activities, listening to my favorite upbeat, inspirational & gospel music tunes, laughing & spending time with close family and friends, and now I have to add tennis into this category. Interestingly, these things fuel me to give myself a break and really enjoy life without taking things so seriously.

Yes, life has a lot to offer that can be stressful, that can wipe that smile right off my face, to make me want to cry, to make me want to give up, to make me want to stay in the bed, to want to give into the pressures, but then.....I incorporate the things I enjoy and that smile comes back, that grit comes back, that attitude to push through no matter what, that attitude to look up and not down restores me. It restores that desire for the inside to match the outside smile.

Ladies Connected restores & fuels me also because it reminds me that I am not alone in my feelings. Ladies Connected reminds me that there are so many of us that have been there. Therefore, we can share with one another the keys that have worked through the years to get us through those tough moments.

What is it for you that fuels your motivation in your toughest moments? Is this a tough moment for you now? I know it has been for me lately.

Do you know what that fuel factor is for yourself that keeps you motivated? If not, think about it. It's worth remembering how you have gotten through your tough times because if not now, there may be a moment where you need to use your secrets.

Surprisingly, tennis has become a real outlet for me. Because it is so new, it has forced me to start at the bottom in terms of learning and has required me to look deep inside to pull out the tools to push through the awkwardness, lack of skill, and feelings of inadequacy.

It has really motivated me to break down the task of tennis into small parts to figure out the keys to skill progression. What if the one thing holding me back in tennis was myself? How so? Well my analytical mind, although helpful for work, does not work as well for the tennis court especially at the beginning of acquiring new skills. Where's the fun to it?

Tennis has been a real motivator for me to find the fun in the grit. It has motivated me to find the enjoyment in the challenge. It has fueled me to find joy in the small successes and laugh at myself at the same time. It has helped me see the beauty in the push.

Tennis has really taught me a lot about myself in just a few weeks and it has truly become a motivator for me in these tough moments. I am very proud of myself for sticking with it and slowly but surely making the progress with the game and myself.

What is the fuel that motivates you? Are you doing enough fuel inspiring activities throughout the day and throughout the week?

It seems that we always wait to the weekend to fuel our interests, why not incorporate it into our daily lives? If we do, it gives us more chances to laugh, smile and be inspired for meeting the goals that we truly desire.

You are so worth it..find the time. If I can do it, so can you!

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