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What do you do when life hands you the unexpected? Sometimes my days are really tough.

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Sometimes I'm really frustrated. Sometimes I'm worried about stuff. Sometimes I'm overwhelmed. Sometimes I'm discouraged.

Why you ask? Because life happens at the most unexpected times and sometimes at the worst times it seems. It could be my car getting a flat tire and I find out I have to get all new tires all of a sudden. It could be that I have a minor car accident, or it could be that something happens at work that makes it tough for the moment. It could be something personal that I make a big mistake on, or something relationship wise or even family related that hits me to my core. At one point, my low self-esteem and lack of self-worth crippled me.

My tough times remind me of when the winds are blowing hard when I'm out in the neighborhood rollerblading. I remember a few years ago on a Sunday, I was out rollerblading and the winds were blowing in every direction no matter which way I turned. Usually, when I'm rollerblading and the wind kicks up in one direction, I've conditioned my mind to push through for a few minutes because I know that as soon as I change directions and turn down a different street I know the wind will die down.

Once the wind dies down, I know that rollerblading will be back to normal. I can't say that rollerblading is just a breeze and super easy to keep up my speed and endure the distance too. But, at least when the wind dies down, rollerblading is a lot easier than the wind pushing against me the whole time.

But, for some reason this particular day, the winds were giving me a hard time. Literally, every turn I made there was more wind pushing against me. I tried all kind of ways to make it through the workout without stopping. I leaned in and crouched lower, picked up my feet more, tried to pick up my speed more, I used more arm swing, held my stomach in to support my back while crouching, bent my knees more, I even used grunting noises, and I told myself that I had to push through and not give up no matter how hard the winds pushed against me.

Believe it or not, I even changed my face to a really focused face, one that could not be moved. Probably if my neighbors saw me at this point they probably would think I was mad or upset about something, but really it's my face of determination and real focus on my target goal of not letting the wind defeat me. Lol! I was determined to push just as hard against the wind as it pushed against me. I was determined to make it home.

It was a tougher workout than usual, it was totally unexpected to have to rollerblade that hard during the entire workout. The only relief I got was right at the end of my workout as I rollerbladed with high speed up my street because the winds died down at that moment. I honestly just cannot understand why my rollerblading time that I love so much had to be so tough this week.

You see, the strong winds handed me a bag of lemons when I least expected it. When I first started that morning, the winds were perfect, it was a beautiful day and rollerblading was good. I was on my way! Then, out of nowhere, the winds picked up and wouldn't let up. I wanted to question why it was happening, but the problem was it didn't matter why it was happening. Either way I had a choice to make: Either I would stop and not make it back home or I had to push through with a good attitude. I chose to push through with a good attitude because I needed to go home so I could make it to church on time. Lol!

When you think about it, not only did I make a choice not to give up although it was really tough and my legs were hurting a lot. I made a choice that those winds would not defeat me and that they weren't stronger than me. I decided that I was stronger than the winds for the moment. Is it possible to make a positive choice when life hits the fan all of a sudden out of nowhere? Or do we just lie down and give up?

What's your life situation that has hit your life un-expectantly and your feeling like you can barely hold your head above water? Maybe for you its health issues or your close family or friends, maybe it's your past that holds you back and weighs you down, maybe it's work issues or people at work that make it hard for you. Maybe it's your low esteem. Maybe it's one financial issue after another. Maybe it's your repeated cycles of relationship issues. Maybe it's the death of a parent, spouse, or close friend that happened. Whatever it is, the point is life happens and really a whole host of good and bad things can happen from one day to the next.

I know that life can be tough and anyone that knows me can tell you that my life has not been a bed of roses. My life has had many dark, dark, dark, and tough, tough times. Yes, I just repeated myself on purpose. Lol! I repeat, yes my life has been really, really bad at times! Lol!

But, the good news is that through it all I have made choices in my life that helped me see brighter days. How did I do it in the past? How do I do it now on those tough days? The first step is making a choice.

We absolutely have to make a choice to live or die in this world. We have to more than ever decide how our life will go. We have to decide whether our days will be happy, sad, or mad. The choice is up to you. I have decided my life will be peaceful, happy, and fun no matter what. So, I make choices to come back to this place of peace no matter what life dishes out. Are you in the middle of some tough days right now?

What else can I tell you that I do on these tough days? What do I do when life hands me the unexpected like it did on that Sunday a few years back when I went rollerblading? Well, I will tell you. Lean in because it's not an easy answer, but it works. You ready? Step #2.

Ok, so please lean in like I told you I did in rollerblading--Step #2--I make the decision to beat the unexpected life stuff by my will to fight and fight hard. I tell myself that I can do it. I tell myself that I'm a warrior that cannot be defeated no matter what life brings. I put my warrior face on and I get ready for battle.

I know it might sound silly, but I'm telling you it's what I do. It's what I did that day when I was rollerblading. It's what I've done many times in the past and what I still do today when life is really, really, really, really tough. It's what I do on those really tough days. Have you ever had any unexpected bad days?

Step #2 further explained: I encourage myself. I tell myself even more things to keep my head up. I tell myself....You are strong, you can do this. You are a warrior. You have to fight. You are powerful. You are beautiful. You can do this! Your words can stop or start your life from moving forward. If you want your life back then make your words that you speak match the life you want. I told you it wasn't easy, but it works. I've done it and I do it now.

Step #3: When I can't do anything else, I listen to good, uplifting music and work out really, really hard. Working out makes real changes inside your body that improves your mood, helps you relax, releases frustration and anger, releases bad toxins, and helps you think clearer. It is one of my last resorts when life is really kicking my butt, but it always works.

By the time I've worked out hard, I can actually forget that I am even having a bad day because I feel so good. I actually can time it now on how my body feels when I've going through a tough time. After about one week of not working out I begin to feel the life stuff creeping back in my mind where I don't think as clear and I'm not as relaxed. So, what do I do when I feel it creeping back....I work out again. Exactly. And my spirit and head lifts up. Try it, you will be surprised at the positive benefits.

Ok, so I've given you my 3 tips. Now I want to know what are you gonna do on your tough days? What choices will you make? What will you tell yourself in the tough times? Will you workout? What else will you do to make it successfully through your unexpectedly bad days?

Will you make lemonade out of the lemons that life throws your way? Do you have any tips for me? If you do please email me. I want to know what else I can learn from you to take on my life's path.

Building bridges of wisdom through shared life experiences, that's our motto at Ladies Connected. If we all share our tidbits of wisdom, we will go through life just a little bit easier than the day before. Please share your keys with me and with others. That's our role while on earth, to shine our lights of wisdom everywhere we go. Will you commit to doing that today?

Do you like what I wrote today? Guess what, I'm writing Book 2. I will share more there if your interested. Did you know that Ladies Connected was birthed out of some of the toughest days of my life? My story and how I've walked through my dark days and continue to walk my path everyday are in my books. Will you write a book too? I would love to read it!

If your interested in my first book "Make Your Life Match Your Vision" and "Make Your Life Match Your Vision Workbook, check out my website at Book 2 and Book 2 Workbook coming soon. I'm excited about it!

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