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How are you really doing today?

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

I asked myself this question today because life can be so busy and sometimes I never slow down to really see how I'm doing. The easy answer is I'm doing great today. I'm thankful for so many things, especially my health and wealth of my physical body. I'm thankful to have a great family that I can laugh, talk, be silly with and I'm especially thankful for such a beautiful relationship with my daughter and all my wonderful friends. So, on the surface I am doing great!

When I roll all of this back though, how am I really doing? Well...good question. It's funny that when I ask my own self questions that they are are hard for me to answer and I'm the one that asked the question.

And this definitely is one of those times that I don't know the answer to this question...I thought that I was doing great, but I think that when I think of the pandemic I realize that my life has changed a lot. When the pandemic first started I was not excited that our country was in a pandemic and people were fighting for their lives in some cases and people were dieing rapidly due to COVID. My grandfather even died very quickly due to COVID during this time, which was tough to accept.

Although COVID brought some tough times for sure for many of us, I will say that I was thankful to have some time to slow down and rest, spend great quality time with family, cook home cooked meals, exercise outdoors and really bring the basic joys of life into perspective.

Now, when I look at the pandemic and my life I realize boy I took advantage of dialing down the basic necessities and priorities to a certain degree, but I think some things fell off the map the longer we have been in this mode too.

And truly I am not doing as well as I probably should be in some key areas. So, I would say on the things I need to beef up like following my dreams (my overall HUGE Dreams that most people don't know about) more fully and ensuring that I am taking care of myself (rejuvenation, sleep, time for self) in totality every single day need attention for sure. Somehow these things have slipped a bit and I want to bring them back into full focus and higher priority.

Are there things that you think of that you realize during this COVID season, have slipped away and eased out of your mind a little? What are those things? How will you bring them back to life and into a greater vision for your life?

YOU and your DREAMS are important no matter how big or small. I challenge you and myself--Let's DO IT now for both priorities!

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