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Is there apart of you that thinks it's not possible?

To start from scratch, to learn something new, to go after your dreams wholeheartedly? Why do you think it's not possible? I have asked myself these questions too because there was apart of me that was excited to begin my dream journey and another part of me that was anxious..... I had to wonder why the anxiousness....then I figured out there was apart of me that thought maybe it wasn't possible.

Where was this coming from? Some part of me deep down didn't believe in me. Some part of me deep down didn't believe that it was possible to achieve something great. Others could, but not me.

Interestingly, I knew that I had something great on the inside of me that needed to be shared, but if I drilled it down it still was only safest inside myself versus sharing it with the world. Hmmmm.....that does not seem good at all.

How could I want something so great for others, but not desire it enough for myself to push through the feelings, push through the anxiety, push through the doubts and worries to go after my dreams? Hmmmmm....I didn't know.

Have you ever had anything like this that you knew you needed to go after, but somehow you stopped yourself? Do you feel like that now....where you have something great on the inside of yourself that is bursting at the seams, but you stop yourself from going after it fully due to your own self-doubt?

Well...learn from me; it's well worth you going after your dreams and those desires because they become empty dreams unfulfilled if you sit on them and never allow them to fly free.

This that I just described was years of dead-end thoughts, anxieties and stagnant dreams with Ladies Connected, let this not be yourself. Now look at Ladies's free to fly and land wherever it desires touching and influencing many along the way. So worth the push...

Let this be you; Go after everything you desire fervently and exuberantly, you are worth it! If I can do it , so can you!

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