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Have you had to "eek" out the desire to do something that you needed to do, but didn't want to do?

Well I certainly have for sure many times, but today was a whole another level though. I knew that I needed to workout today, but I truly had to peel myself out the door today to get it done. Now, it's weird because I really enjoy rollerblading as most of you know by now. It's one of my favorite work out activities because its outdoors, it's challenging and it is really a thrill when I can get up a nice speed while doing it. It can be super fun!

But, even though it is one of my loves, I just truly was not in the mood at all to go rollerblading. I had to force myself to put on my rollerblades and even once I got out onto the trails in my neighborhood, I literally was rollerblading so slow it was unbelievable. I had my headphones in listening to my favorite music and even with it, I was barely moving out there.

It probably almost appeared like I was a beginner skater and had difficulty rollerblading for the first time. I was really just barely putting one rollerblade in front of the other. The wind was not blowing that hard against me, so there was no reason that I could not get up speed other than my head space.

I don't know if I have ever felt like this before when I have decided to rollerblade. I just didn't even feel like pushing myself up to my normal speed at all. I just DID NOT want to work out. I was kicking and screaming out there in my head and I would have rather done anything else like even clean up my whole house (which I don't love doing at all) than do this today.

I guess I was just in one of those funks when it came to working out. This feeling continued for a least 5 minutes of rollerblading. That's a long time to just be slowly moving along and not picking up my speed at all. I had my music at a rather low volume; I could barely hear my music over the sound of my rollerblades gliding over the tiny pebbles on the paved trail.

I decided that if I didn't do something this was going to be a very long rollerblade back home. So, I decided to pump up my music, so that I could really hear the lyrics and I could gain some momentum and encouragement to move faster and to try to enjoy it. As I turned the volume up in my headphones, I kinda of starting dancing a bit on my rollerblades and started smiling while doing it. I still was going kind of slow out there, but at least I was enjoying it more than when I started.

Then, slowly but surely, guess what? I started picking up the speed and started dancing a bit more to the music. I really begin to smile out there as I started to push into the challenge and as I started to push into my mental blockage of not wanting to work out.

I started to push into the workout even more where my funky feelings became less important and I really begin to move in sync with my music. I started feeling the thrill again. Wow! I was back at it and I did not know that when I started if I could get it going today because I was TOTALLY against working out.

I knew that I needed to do it, but I did not want to do it at all. I had to "eek" out the desire to do this work out even though I had already committed to it with my accountability partner. It's funny sometimes we can be held accountable for different things from others, but if no one is looking we can decide not to be accountable.

I could have surely decided not to do this today, but I knew that regardless this workout was for me. People can help up to a certain point, but after that it is on you.

I realize that my feelings could have lead me down the wrong path and that one decision today on working out could have cost me in many ways. What lessons did I learn or remind myself of from my rollerblading workout today?

It's important that if I really need to do something whether it's for my health, my job, my side businesses, my dreams or goals that I must push through even when I don't "feel" like it. Feelings are just that, they are feelings. I could have let my feelings rule today, but instead I decided to do what I did not feel like doing and it really paid off.

I felt so good in the middle of the workout that I I actually extended my rollerblading today quite a bit past my normal route. Why? Because I really wanted to push through even more to prove to myself that I could do anything even in times of funk.

While rollerblading, I begin to kinda of like the feeling of pushing myself harder and rollerblading faster at the same time. I smiled a lot as I pushed further in distance and as I was able to push my speed even higher during this last part back home on the trails.

Interestingly, it was exciting and truly then my rollerblading today became an actual desire to work out after all. That was amazing! The shift that happened from me just hanging in there with myself and my funky mood. Lol!

What else did I learn? I learned that when I decide to walk through even those undesirable things that I don't "feel" like doing it can produce so much more from my push to do it anyway.

My rollerblading today gave me mental and physical energy for the rest of my day. I am writing you right now when typically I might be exhausted and ready to hit the bed. It motivated me in ways that were surprising.

As I thought about my rollerblading journey today, the only thing I could do throughout the day was smile because that one small decision changed the trajectory of my whole day. It set my day on a clear path for all the things that I had to do today. I was motivated all day. I danced throughout the day on my breaks even with that extra energy. :)

I realize the super energy thriving things can be super hard to motivate ourselves to do sometimes. Sometimes we are in a funk for no real reason and we almost miss the importance of the mundane and undesirable things that we need to do.

Sometimes, these small things like my rollerblading workout can be just the little extra push and motivation we need to get us going down the path that we really should be traveling for the day. That's what I discovered today. What is it for you?

What do you need to be doing today or tomorrow that you want to put off because you don't "feel" like doing it? Let's DO IT anyway! It's worth it. You are worth it! If I can do it, so can you!

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