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Have you ever sat outside in a thunderstorm before?

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

I have before on rare occasions, very briefly, with my grandfather when he was alive. My grandfather used to sit outside many times when it rained and poured outside. He seemed to especially sit outside when thunderstorms were brewing on the horizon or right dab in the middle of a heavy thunderstorm.

I never could understand it. I would almost shake my head when I would see him doing it. He would sit right at the edge of the garage and sit for hours as it rained and stormed.

One day I decided to ask him why he sat outside like that and he said the reason was that it was just relaxing outdoors in the rainstorm and he could use the time to think too. One day I joined him in the thunderstorm and we sat and talked and laughed; it was actually a very pleasant moment that I will always remember.

This morning I woke up to sounds of very loud, jarring thunder and streaks of lightning flashing in the sky beaming in through my window. Normally, I would try to get myself back to sleep because for some reason I sleep really good in thunderstorms and rain.

But, this morning I thought of my grandfather and I decided instead to get up and go outdoors to sit on my porch as the lightning flashed, the thunder rolled, and the rain poured. It was odd at first, but then I realized how pleasant it was out there. The clouds were dark and the whole sky flickered in light as the lightning flashed across the sky.

It was kinda cool because I thought of my grandfather, but I also thought about how wonderful it was to be outside at the crack of dawn when everything was quiet. The gentle breeze blew and I felt the gentle, cool air blow against me as I sat there. It was so restoring and restful believe it or not.

It was in this moment that I realized why my grandfather found this as his restful spot to think and explore the thoughts he had on his mind. I honestly was in such a great place this morning and I did not realize how much I needed to get outside to see God's land and remember all the blessings that I have in my life.

My family, my daughter, my close friends, my co-workers, my community, my neighborhood, my dog, the weather, the beautiful outdoors, my relationship with God. Wow! There's so much to take in and reflect on.

It's amazing that even in quarantine life or in the midst of the pandemic that we all can still be so busy and barely take time for ourselves. I know that I am guilty of this. Even in working from home, I know myself that I can be so drowned in trying to meet work deadlines, doing trainings, and preparing and conducting back-to-back meetings all day that life gets carried away so quickly.

I realize that life slows down for no one. I don't want to be wrapped in all of the busy-ness that I forget to "smell the roses", right?

When I think about it fully, this was so what I needed this morning. I am so glad that I took the time for me today even in just a few hours.

What will you do to remind yourself of all of your blessings? What are you grateful for? What will you do to slow down and restore in this moment?

I think it is so important to take moments to reflect, take time for yourself, relax, think, and remember how important you are and how important others are in your life. Thanks Granddaddy for the beautiful memories that you have given me and the positive model you have set in slowing down and reflecting on what's important.

I took a picture of what I saw this morning after the storm had come to a pretty calm stop...its not the best, but at least it gives a glimpse of what seemed so dark, chaotic, and wet at one point ended up peaceful and restorative. Let's take care of ourselves today in resting and restoring. If I can do it, so can you!

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