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Have you ever been gut punched before? Well I have several times and it can be extremely tough.

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

What do I consider to be a gut punch? I say when there are several things in life that come all at one time that affect you physically or emotionally that may be significantly hard to deal with. Not just one thing happening, but a series of things happening all at once that you can barely keep your head above water. It could be a death or something traumatic that happens that hits you at your core. But, whatever it is, it hits hard.

Gut punched is a feeling of having the air knocked out of you. It's the feeling of not knowing what your next step or decision will be because there is so much unknown and never having had it happen before you can just be stunned or confused at times. Well all of this is how I would describe how I felt this summer when a couple of health issues occurred.

I was in tears at one point just not fully understanding why so much was happening. Have you ever felt defeated, disappointed, discouraged, fearful, anxious, hopeful and prayerful all at once? Even if there are people around you, no one can actually feel or go through what you are going through at the time, so feelings of being alone can manifest even if it is not actually true. Well that's how I would describe being gut punched for myself at least for this situation.

Health is huge in that it can be all we have in that it can have such major impacts if something goes wrong with our health and it can affect every aspect of our lives at a certain point depending on the situation. I found myself wondering over the summer about myself due to some health issues. Due to health reasons, I ended up cancelling the Ladies Connected Summer 2023 Retreat this year. Whew...not an easy decision and definitely a feeling of defeat, but unfortunately there was nothing I could do, but cancel.

What exactly happened that led to my decision to cancel? From a series of labs and multiple tests from April to June of this year and just feeling lousy, tired, and extremely exhausted from early Feb of this year and not knowing why, I had to make the decision for my health. And then having 2 medical procedures in July to correct the health issues, I just couldn't pull it cancel the retreat it was.

Ugh is all I can say....I hated the decision, but it was entirely necessary so that I could focus on taking care of myself and my health especially. Thankfully, all worked out with my medical procedures and my health is back on track. But, at one point I just did not know what the outcome would ultimately be.

Have you ever had significant health issues or something that punched you in the gut emotionally or physically that it got your FULL attention? Well this summer....I was stopped dead in my tracks instantly from the health news initially.

I quickly realized that I could not continue to try to pull everything off with the retreat and try to take care of myself too. You ever put yourself on the back burner before and take care of everything and everyone but yourself? You ever put things in front of your health? You ever put things in front of your dreams and desires? Well I did up until this point and not on purpose, but when I looked at it that was indeed the case. Sad to say it had to come to this point, but it did and I learned a valuable lesson.

I cancelled the retreat, but I didn't cancel myself. I cancelled the retreat, but I slowed down to take better care of myself during this time. I cancelled the retreat, but I learned the hard way to allow others to help me too even when I thought I had it all figured out. I really struggled with this unknowingly, but those closest to me reminded me of how prioritizing myself was the only way to allow for internal healing from my medical procedures by taking a little time off from work, resting, not overdoing it with various activities and busy-ness, and really focusing on taking time for myself.

These are such simple things, but I had to be reminded unfortunately. I didn't realize how much I neglected myself at certain times and especially during this time until I was forced to do so. Thank goodness I very reluctantly did so at a certain point after several gentle reminders because it ultimately was very nice to have the help, support and kindness during my time of need.

I cancelled the retreat, but I was reminded how important health is to living an abundant life. I cancelled the retreat, but I saw the love and kindness of close friends and family during tough times. I cancelled the retreat, but I saw how important first hand it is to take care of yourself or else you cannot show up for anyone else wholeheartedly.

I cancelled the retreat, but I saw how sometimes cancelling something you really desire is necessary for the next step in your growth. Some hard lessons this year and I was very, very disappointed to cancel the retreat because we had so many great plans in store for this retreat, but cancelling the retreat was necessary this time for my health.

What do you have in your life that you need to pay more attention to for yourself? Is it your health? Is it your dreams and desires? Do you need to allow others who care about you to help you out a little bit more? Do you need to put more into your passions and goals? Figure that out if you can because the closer you can get to the full you in all capacities, the closer you can get to what you truly desire and what you love the most on a more consistent basis.

You are important and so is taking care of yourself in all areas even the areas of your life that you think don't matter or that are on the back burner for the moment. You should not be on the back burner when it comes to your life. I have definitely put myself on the back burner, which is not good at all and has been a hard lesson to admit.

Take it from me..its worth figuring out the lessons in that gut punch. If not for this gut punch and several gut punches that I have had over the years, there would be no Ladies Connected and I would not be the person I am today. My gut punches have been super hard lessons, but have helped me look inside myself to admit my missteps and figure out the ways to become better, so that I can continue to grow personally. Growth is essential to a life of joy and abundance and I find it the only way to live my life.

Gut punches can really be hard to deal with like it was to ultimately cancel the retreat and to deal with my sudden health issues this summer. But, it has truly been for the best because I'm stronger having persevered and I have a new and fresh perspective on the importance and necessity in taking care of myself. I have had some very important people in my life really remind of this and I have taken it to heart.

Who's in your network to encourage and help you prioritize yourself? Are you on the back-burner? Why? What would it look like if you prioritized yourself?

You are very important and your life, passions, thoughts, dreams, goals and health matter. Will you allow others to help you if you need it?

Will you remember your value? Will you remind yourself to take care of yourself even in those tough moments?

If I can admit my mistake and work towards taking better care of myself, so can you. Let's do it together. If you are already doing this well, then share your secrets with others so that they can be reminded that they are not alone on this journey.

Remember how special you are, you deserve only the best! Let's do it!

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