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Can you be your own worst enemy?

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

I have figured out that this definitely describes me at certain points. I have sabotaged my own self at times. How so? There have been times on my dream journey that I have talked myself out of what I truly desired because I created my own negative self-talk that talked against the very thing I desired.

How is that possible to sabotage your own self when you desire something or want something? I think it is very possible if we give into our own thoughts. We all have thoughts, but what do our thoughts consist of? What images or pictures do we play in our heads that keep us from walking down the path that we most desire?

I know for me I have many times taken my desire and come up with every excuse under the sun as to why I shouldn't go after it. But, weirdly enough it is so contradictory to everything that I'm trying to go after for my dreams.

I have wondered for years why others can reach their dreams in no time and I have toggled back and forth with mine. When I think about it, my toggling back in forth in my own mind has has kept me from moving forward.

Whereas others, have set their plan, followed it, let nothing stop them and moved towards the path they desired. So, why I toggled back and forth in my mind with wanting to move forward and then backing myself out of it by my own thoughts, this has stagnated me and kept me in one spot. I have become my own worst enemy.

I have become my own worst enemy by creating reasons as to why I should not go after my dreams wholeheartedly. For me, my thoughts have consisted of not feeling that my dream was worthy enough. My thoughts have consisted of worrying what others would think. My thoughts have even consisted of just being plan 'ol afraid where fear has been the factor in freezing in place.

Have you ever had a situation where you became your own worst enemy in something that you really wanted to go after? Are you holding yourself back right now even on your greatest desires? Why? What is the root cause of you not moving forward on your dream work?

Let's commit to moving forward on all that we want in life and never letting anything stop us, not even ourselves. We truly can stand in the way of our own dreams, our own passions, our own life mission.

What is your life mission? What are your dreams? What are you so passionate about that you are afraid to go after?

Let your fears, doubt, negative self-talk be the catalyst to drive you forward once you identify them. Let them not stop you from being all that you can be and prevent you from sharing your gifts with the world. We have enough to worry about each day, can we not be the driving force in stopping ourselves from living our dreams?

Go after you dreams full throttle. Let nothing stop you, not even yourself. If I can do it, so can you!

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