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Am I worthy?

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

This is a question I have grappled with for years and one that I think it so important to answer when pushing through the day to day grind.

I have for years thought that I was not worthy and needed others to validate me. Ugh! Wow, when I think about that it has been the root cause for many of my pitfalls. Really?! Yep it truly has been.

How worthy am I? Am I important? Do I have good ideas? Is what I am doing worth it? Do I have what it takes? Am I worthy of good things? Am I worthy of success? Am I worthy of anything good for my life? Am I a failure? Am I worthy of standing tall?

These questions have plagued my mind and truly it was the reality that I sat in for a long time. These questions were top of mind for me and it was no big deal because I thought it was normal to think this way. It was the lens at the time that I filtered everything through in my mind and so....

I even thought at one time if I am the root cause of so many of my pitfalls, then truly I am not worthy of the best. This mindset overtook me many of days and I could not figure out how to shift my thinking.

I think one of the things that helped me the most was sitting by myself in my "stinking thinking" and really grappling with why I felt this way.

Where did the negative ideas that I had in my head about myself come from? Where did they stem from? I really had to break apart where those ideas came from that filled my head constantly everyday.

I then had to realize that these were negative habits that I had created myself from situations that had happened in my life. It was the way that I thought through situations really in an error way. My thoughts had become habits that really stagnated me from moving forward personally and professionally. These thoughts crippled me and held me captive.

My thoughts were on a path to destroy me and were going to keep me from fulfilling the destiny for my life that God had created for me the day I was born. I had to figure out a way to resolve my negative thoughts of not feeling worthy.

I realized that these negative self-worth thoughts had become habits that ruled how I did everything, from how I raised my daughter, how I dealt with personal situations, how I dealt with professional ventures, how I dealt with family, and even how I dealt with the world at large when I stepped into it.

I was determined to break these habits because I no longer wanted to live this way, so breaking down these habits were crucial for me. When I look now, I realize at one point my main self-worth habits were getting in the way of everything in my life.

I no longer desire to shrink inward so I am invisible to others, but I would much rather stand in the height of who I am mistakes and all knowing they don’t define me. My flaws do not determine my worthiness, but rather are the gardening tools that have helped me dig out of a negative spiral and on to a path of living my life the way I desire.

Truly, my flaws and mistakes have pushed me to become more of who I really am on the inside. It’s pretty cool to live from this place now after doing the work of self-discovery, which has lead to positive self-growth from uprooting the negative mindset. My self-worth habits stripped bare and revealing its negative roots underneath have become a stepping stool for my internal success that have become reality for my external rewards also.

These tools have helped me become my true self, walk in my truth, and focus on becoming a better person with each passing day in order to live my best life.

Do you have any habits that are keeping you from moving forward in the way that you truly desire deep-down? Identifying these habits are critical to living your life the way you want to live it and becoming your best self everyday.

Certainly, It's not fun work to dig down and figure out what habits are bleeding into your personal and professional worthiness.

But, it's totally worth find out who you really are on the inside. It's worth it to find your true self and to know YOU are cause for celebration. It's definitely exciting to know that you are worthy and to allow for nothing to get in the way of your life path.

It is fulfilling for your worth to NOT be covered up by feelings of inadequacy and negativity (no matter how large or small) like I did for so many years.

Being who you truly are on the inside each day is too important. Your life is too important. The gifts you have inside are too important. You are absolutely worth it.

Will you commit to pushing your lives forward by remembering your self-worth, so that you can positively impact everyone that you touch by sharing the wonderful gifts that you have on the inside of you?

You are amazing! If I can do it, so can you!

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