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Terry Conlin
Feb 12, 2021
In Talk for the Day
The Hype tells us that Valentines Day is for Lovers, romantic dinners and gifts, the perfect day right? Who do you love that you can do something special for? I will tell you a story, I lost my mother in August 2019, I loved her. Every Valentines Day, even though I lived 1 mile away, I mailed her a Valentines card. My brother brought her flowers and little stuffed animals holding hearts. She would delight in the attention that we showered on her and we would delight in her delight. Making her happy, made my day. I gave her her last Valentines Day card when she was 93 years old, As always, she delighted in opening my "heart card" and I delighted in watching my mothers delight, even knowing this was probably my last Valentines Day with her. After she died, I found every card that I had given her. She saved them, she delighted in them. I was delighted that she saved him. Don't get caught up in the romantic hype pushed by the media and television advertisements. Who do you love and who's day can you make better? Don't forget to "make your own day" by doing something special for yourself. You deserve it, but while you are at it, surprise someone who you love. You will find great self-satisfaction in giving to those you love. 😘

Terry Conlin

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