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Is Fear a Factor in holding me back now?

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

I soooo enjoy playing tennis with my daughter when I have some free time. But, honestly I’m not very good at all. I took a course when I was in college at University of Florida years ago, which I think I only attended the first 3 classes. It was really a joke with a few friends of mine to take a super easy class. And I started playing a few years back sporadically when my daughter first started taking lessons.

Then I stopped even playing leisurely almost as soon as she stopped playing. Now she’s playing again and we’ve started going to hit a few balls during the week in between her tennis classes to give her extra practice time. I have to admit she’s really good and has gotten even better with just a few weeks of playing.

When I look at myself, I’m such a poor tennis player I have to laugh at myself and at this question. Because I hate to admit it, but I have to say YES to this question. Ugh, I so hate admitting it, but it is so true. Fear is a Factor for me.

Why? Because I really would love to take a tennis class, but truly the fear of taking an adult class after all of these years seems a bit daunting. The idea of repeatedly missing balls and not being able to get a rally going with the other adult(s) in my class sounds like a realistic possibility considering my lack of tennis abilities.

But, is fear enough to not do it? Well yes definitely. But, is it worth missing out on some real fun and tons of laughter. My daughter and I laugh so much when we are playing sometimes till our stomach hurts and its such a great exercise too.

It’s tough, should fear defeat me? I have a decision to make. Tennis or no tennis? I’m taking the class. Check back with me soon to see how I’m doing. Do my fears become reality or was it just a fear without merit?

Do you have anything in your life where fear is holding you back? What is it? Will you go after it now or will you wait? I challenge you. Do it Now, why wait?

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